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Recent case studies

Since 2011 we have provided a wide range of Russian-language services to legal, commercial and financial firms with interests in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. A selection of our recent projects is below.


Client: Business Advisory Firm, London

Service: To help this firm deliver litigation support, we sourced the litigation history of over 400 individuals and companies in Russian-speaking territories and off-shore jurisdictions. Our legally-trained, Russian-speaking team documented each decision dating back many years in an easy-to-read format, obtaining the particulars of each claim, details of the parties, decisions and appeals. The fully-referenced sources were provided in English, avoiding all translation costs.

Client: Strategic Advisory Firm, London

Service: This firm was advising a UK bank on a strategic investment in a Russian company. We advised on the scope of the public information records available in Russia that could be relied on for due diligence. We confirmed the identity of the ultimate beneficial owners of the target company and obtained ownership documents bearing the official stamp of the relevant Russian authorities. We provided intelligence of a proposed change in board membership including the connections between existing and proposed future board members.

Client: Risk-Management Firm, London based

Service: Our customer was providing litigation support services to a large solicitors’ firm advising on allegations of fraud in two Russian-speaking jurisdictions. In three separate contracts completed over several months, we conducted an extensive public records search, demonstrating links between company directors in several Russian-speaking countries. We also retrieved documentary evidence related to the alleged transfer of shares prior to the sale of significant manufacturing assets in an Eastern European country.

Customer:  Strategic Advisory Firm, London

Service:  This firm was engaged by a natural resources client to investigate the motives of a minority shareholder who was blocking a large takeover bid. With a sound understanding of the reporting obligations of Russian individuals registered as legal entities, we were able to check this individual’s compliance with Russian law and provide additional insights into the existence of the claimant. We also provided advice on the Russian legal process and the timetable of court proceedings, and an analysis of decisions in comparable cases in Russian courts.

Customer:  Small Law Firm, London

Service: Our client was acting on behalf of a UK investment company, which had received an offer of investment from a Russian high-net worth individual. We prepared a background report that helped the client make an informed assessment of the risks of accepting the investment, while also helping to ensure the client met their obligations to the Financial Services Authority, in respect of ‘know your customer’ (KYC) legislation.

Client: Business Advisory Firm, London

Service: This client urgently needed to document a set of related Russian commercial cases. We completed the assignment off-site in two days at short notice. Our client was interested to track trends in the outcome of similar cases in the Russian commercial court, which we provided from our knowledge of other similar cases.

Client: Investment Advisors, London

Service: Our client was advising on the risk of a joint venture with a Russian company. The client was particularly interested in the litigation history of the target company and its directors in order to assess potential future liabilities. Of particular interest were decisions related to suspected malfeasance, litigation and tax investigations.

Within a very short time, we identified over 200 cases involving the company and its directors. Following a discussion with our client, we proceeded to document in detail 45 cases which were of particular interest. Our client also wanted to understand the reputational risk of entering into the joint venture, and subsequently asked us to analyse media reports related to the target.

Media analysis

Client: Risk-Management Firm, London

Service: This firm was asked to advise on the strategic risk of pursuing litigation against a Russian company. We conducted an extensive search of legal news sources to identify instances of out-of-court settlements prior to litigation. Having established a pattern of behaviour by the Russian company, we helped the litigant make a well-informed decision on whether to pursue the case.

Client: Corporate Investigations Firm, London

Service: Our client wanted to analyse the relationships between a number of entities in a Russian-speaking country. We conducted an extensive search of broadcast and mainstream press, industry journals and social media to establish connections between the entities that other information-gathering methods had not identified. We provided all citations, sources and references for each relevant article, plus an abstract in English of each retrieved article, reducing significantly the costs of translation.

Client: Large Litigation Firm, London

Service:  Our client was seeking to demonstrate that it is was highly unlikely that a party in the case was not aware of the sale of a strategic asset in a Central Asian republic on a particular day several years ago. We analysed the Russian and Central Asian press for publications on a particular day and retrieved numerous articles in the high-profile business publications, providing the date of publication and an abstract in English, lending support to our client’s claim. We were also asked to translate all information which was subsequently used as evidence in court.

Client: Investment Advisors, London

Service:  Our client was advising on the business risks associated with a potential joint venture with a Russian partner.  We were asked to analyse credible Russian media outlets with the aim of providing input to inform the client’s existing risk assessment. Having agreed keyword searches with the client, we proceeded to review the business press for information to assist our client for their own view of the proposed transaction.


Client: Mid-sized Law Firm, London

Service: Our client was about to start work on energy-related litigation in Kazakhstan. Our paralegal translated over 400 hand-written witness statements, organising them into filtered spreadsheets so they were easy to sort, retrieve and present. The paralegal also analysed the content of the witness statements, distilling conclusive evidence into easy-to-read visuals for the senior partner.

Client: Law-sized Law Firm, London

Service: At short notice, our client needed to increase the number of Russian-speaking paralegals on a disclosure team during the holiday period. We sent the CVs and supporting documents of five suitable candidates with immediate availability. Having supported the HR department throughout the recruitment process, our candidates were able to start the moment their conflicts check was cleared.

Client: Commercial Barrister, London

Service: We supplied a paralegal to work part-time alongside a barrister in a top tier set. Initial support involved organising files, archiving case materials and taking briefs. Over several months, the paralegal assumed a more responsible role, researching the company structures of foreign entities, updating references and cases in a banking publication, preparing chronologies and assisting in the development of a marketing plan for the barrister.

Client: Business Advisory Firm, London

Service: We provided in-house paralegal support on a large Russian litigation support project. Working on a short-term, flexible contract, the paralegal retrieved, categorised and documented details of 250 companies registered in Russian-speaking and off-shore jurisdictions, allowing the client to identify quickly and with confidence which companies were of relevance to the case.

Business development

Client: QC, Commercial Set, London

Service: Using our structured methodology for individual practice development, we provided a coaching and consultancy service to help the client expand their own practice into new business areas and jurisdictions. Feedback from the client stated that our methodology is straightforward and successful, and our proposals were targeted and easy to implement. The client has informed us that since he implemented our recommendations, the quality and quantity of his instructions has increased significantly.

Client: Junior Barristers, London

Service: We ran an evening workshop on business-development techniques for junior barristers who wanted to develop a niche practice. The outcome was a concrete plan of achievable monthly marketing activities. Feedback from the workshop revealed that our pragmatic and targeted approach has reduced dependency on the clerk as the single source of work generation.


Client: Large-sized Law Firm, London

Service: This firm was engaged in high-value Russian banking litigation. We translated expert witness statements and legal contracts, including legal contracts into Russian.

Client: Large Forensic Accountancy

Service: The firm has a busy Russian practice and was in negotiation with a Kazakh client on a tender for a number of assignments. We translated the client’s standard Terms of Business for use on the assignment and all future engagements with Russian-language clients.

Client: Barrister in a Top-Tier Commercial Set

Service: Our client has a growing case load in Russia.  We translated personal marketing materials into Russian, including the barrister’s CV. The barrister was informed by his instructing solicitor that the CV was highly impressive to their Russian client. The existence of the Russian language CV created an immediate and direct return on investment for the barrister.

Client: Corporate Communications Company

Service: This company wanted to deliver a high-value pitch at short notice to a Russian client. The pitch related to the Russian company’s rebranding exercise and a website development project.  We worked overnight to translate the client’s budget, schedule and approach document from English into Russian, so they were ready on time for the presentation in Moscow the next day.

Client: Large London Law Firm

Service: Our client had used our media monitoring service to retrieve information surrounding the sale of a strategic asset in Central Asia. The information we provided in abstract was deemed to be credible evidence and a full translation was requested. The team worked through the weekend, drip-feeding the translated information at regular intervals, to enable our client to continue preparing evidence in time for a 10am hearing on Monday.

Client: Film-production Company

Service: Our client was applying to the Uzbekistan Embassy for business travel visas for a film-production company. Prior to translating the documents into Russian, we advised the client on the necessary format for visa applications, saving an unnecessary repeated application process and lost time in the visa processing period.

Client: Large London Law Firm

Service: Our client was the Head of International Arbitration at a reputable London law firm who asked us to translate the LinkedIn profiles of his Russia & CIS team into Russian. We translated the profiles and managed the uploading process, protecting the privacy of all passwords throughout.


Client: US Litigation Support and Investigations Firm

Service: Our client was on location in Moscow conducting a series of interviews with the employees of a large Russian firm involved in litigation in the UK. We provided a local interpreter who joined the client team for three days, providing onsite interpreting services, as well as valuable local knowledge on how to get things done in Moscow.

Client: Mid-sized Law Firm, London

Service: Our client had received a voicemail with a potential new instruction for a financial instrument case from a customer in Moscow. The client required urgent assistance to respond to the customer by phone in Russian from the London office. We helped the client track down the firm’s representative in Moscow, and draft a response to the expression of interest.


Client: Freelance journalist

Service: Our client had conducted an interview with a Second World War veteran from a Russian-speaking republic and required a transcription of the taped dictation. We completed the task overnight and delivered the transcription in the client’s preferred format.

Language training

Client: Banking/Finance QC, Commercial Set

Service: Our client expressed an interest to develop his competence to write in a style of epic poetry from the Muscovy period of the 15th Century. We agreed to narrow the learning objective to convey sufficient Russian grammar and vocabulary to enable an understanding of Russian 19th Century literature. Our approach will also enable him to introduce himself to his Russian clients and explain the process of litigation in English courts.

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